Vamik Volkan: a psychoanalyst without frontiers: Reflections on Molly Castelloe's documentary film Vamik’s Room

Rossella Valdrè


This invaluable documentary film, Vamik’s Room (2020), written, directed and produced by Molly Castelloe, took seven years to complete, with the aim to present to a general, and not only a specialist, audience, the life, work and commitment of Vamik Volkan, a psychoanalyst from Cyprus who has been settled in the United States for many years. Five times a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian and professional contributions regarding terrible episodes of war, genocide and torture in the late 20st century, of which he was not only an observer but also a direct protagonist, with letters of acknowledgment from more than 28 countries.


psychoanalysis, war, documentary

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