Psychoanalytic Speculations on the Subjectivity of Time: The Prison of the Present

Ali Pajoohandeh


Time as the most important feature or maybe fundamental describer of human normal experience also is the most important forgotten of psychoanalysis. Fewer psychoanalysts can be found, except for Andre Green, Hartocolles, Arlow and sabbadini, who did systemically research on this subject. However Freud’s works are cumulative of notions about the concept of temporality but he never done systemically research on this subject. In this paper, I’m trying to take a look on the notion of time from an object relation perspective. I, on the basis of Winnicott’s concept of transitional objects and phenomena, have postulated two new concepts of transitional time objects and phenomena and have prepared a new conceptual framework for understanding some complicated analytic issues such as transference and counter-transference, splitting and some technical subjects as such the silence in analysis room.


Time, Transitional time objects, transitional time phenomena, Transitional power?

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