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No 66 (2014) The Evangeline Oak: of Lost Loves and Found Objects Abstract   PDF
John Adlam
No 81-82 (2021) The Facemask Paradigm: Symptoms and Non-neutral Limits during Coronavirus Abstract   PDF
Alicia Valdés
No 81-82 (2021) The Feminine Body, Touch and Violence: A reading of Shirin Neshat’s Women Without Men (Zanan-e Bedun-e Mardan, 2009) and Claudia Llosa’s The Milk of Sorrow (La teta asustada, 2009) Abstract   PDF
Judith Rifeser
No 70 (2017) The Flaw in the Diamond: Paranoid-Schizoid Struggles in The Counselor Abstract   PDF
Christopher William Teixeira Miller, Lisa Kebejian, Donald R. Ross
No 80 (2020) The Foreigner and the Foe, We Saw Them Both in the Mirror : Maturational Aspects of the Encounter with “the Foreign” Abstract   PDF
Chris Joaninidis
No 74 (2018) The Manichean Ploy: Psychoanalysis, Political Repression, and The Crucible Abstract   PDF
Kurt Jacobsen
No 70 (2017) The Market Society and Psychological Suffering: A Fanonian Approach Abstract   PDF
Ryan Williams LaMothe
No 67 (2015) The Obsolescence of Psychoanalysis in the Age of Neuroscience? Abstract   PDF
C. Fred Alford
No 75 (2019) The Poetics of Being Mad and Black: (Psycho)analyzing the Évolué Abstract   PDF
Chienyn Chi
No 79 (2020) The Politicization of Neuroscience and the Destruction of Psychology Abstract   PDF
C. Fred Alford
No 80 (2020) The Quest for Humane Relations: The Trajectory of an Intellectual Life Abstract   PDF
Roger Smith
No 78 (2020) The Reproduction of Mothering: Second Wave Legacies in Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother? Abstract   PDF
Joanna Kellond
No 81-82 (2021) The Return of the (foreclosed) Truth – Considerations on German Right-Wing Terror Abstract   PDF
Lutz Goetzmann
No 66 (2014) The shadow of the object: loss, place and resolution in Claire Denis 35 rhums Abstract   PDF
No 72 (2018) The Two Jacobys: Contradiction, Ironies and Challenges in New Left Critical Social Psychology Abstract   PDF
Neil McLaughlin
No 76 (2019) The Uncanny Art of Rita Nowak Abstract   PDF
Patricia Morris
No 62 (2011) Therapy Culture and The Transitional Environment of Media and the Inner World Abstract   PDF
Carol Leader
No 61 (2011) There was blood: Lacan and murder in the film There will be blood Abstract   PDF   HTML
Colin White
No 72 (2018) Thinking Back to Linking: Neuroscientific Correlates of Bion’s Theories of Thought and Object Relating Abstract   PDF
Christopher W. T. Miller
No 76 (2019) This Changes Everything: The Anthropocene Age and Psychoanalysis Abstract   PDF
Ryan LaMothe
No 81-82 (2021) This Thing called Love in Life and in the Consulting Room Abstract   PDF
Patrick Casement
No 66 (2014) Turned On: romantic love, psychoanalysis and our attachments to new and social media Abstract   PDF
Carol Leader
No 80 (2020) Vale, Bob Young Abstract   PDF
Gary Werskey
No 80 (2020) Vamik Volkan: a psychoanalyst without frontiers: Reflections on Molly Castelloe's documentary film Vamik’s Room Abstract   PDF
Rossella Valdrè
No 63 (2012) Visualising the Other: Splitting in Early Renaissance Northern European Religious Visual Culture Abstract   PDF
Bernard Ratigan
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