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No 79 (2020) Review of Harvey Schwartz (ed.) The Jewish Thought and Psychoanalysis Lectures Abstract   PDF
Eduardo Frajman
No 72 (2018) Review of Joanna Ryan, Class and Psychoanalysis: Landscapes of Inequality. Abstract   PDF
Robert M. Young
No 77 (2019) Review of Jonathan Sklar, Dark Times: Psychoanalytic perspectives on Politics, History and Mourning Abstract   PDF
Lindsey Light
No 65 (2014) Review of Making Space - psychoanalysis and artistic process Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Isserow
No 63 (2012) review of playing with dynamite by estela welldon, 2011 Abstract   PDF
gabrielle brown
No 66 (2014) Review: Atmen (Breathing) Abstract   PDF
Donald Campbell
No 66 (2014) Review: Irony at the Crossroads Abstract   PDF ()   PDF
Willliam Kolbrener
Candida Yates
No 80 (2020) Robert M. Young and Darwin Studies Abstract   PDF
Michael Ruse
No 68 (2015) Seeing and Being Seen: The dialectics of intimate space and Anthony Gormley’s ‘Event Horizon’ Abstract   PDF
Judith Gurney Edwards
No 74 (2018) Sickness in the Body Politic: Christopher Bollas and The Deformation of Political Spaces and Subjects Abstract   PDF
Ryan LaMothe
No 65 (2014) Some Thoughts About the Artist and His Art Abstract   PDF
Lesley Caldwell
No 62 (2011) Something to do with a Girl Named Marla Singer: Capitalism, Narcissism, and Therapeutic Discourse in David Fincher’s Fight Club Abstract   PDF
Lynne Layton
No 75 (2019) Spirals, Whorls, and Faulty Containers: The Psychoanalysis of Form in the Art of Marion Milner’s 'The Hands of the Living God' and the Sculpture of Louise Bourgeois Abstract   PDF
Emilia Halton-Hernandez
No 63 (2012) Supplement to Free Associations 2004-2010 Abstract   PDF
Robert Maxwell Young
No 73 (2018) Supplement to Kovel Abstract   PDF
RM Young
No 62 (2011) The Affect of Looking Backward: An analysis of the emotional labour of advertising in times of recession. Abstract   PDF
Helen Powell
No 79 (2020) The American Cult of the Experience and the Real/Psychosocial Split Abstract   PDF
Matthew H. Bowker
No 71 (2017) The Biopsychiatrists' Flying Circus Abstract   PDF
M. C. Jones
No 71 (2017) The Body of The Film: The Evocation of Winnicott's Original Facilitating Environment in Michael Hanake's Amour (2012). Abstract   PDF
John Robert Rignell
No 64 (2013) The causes of one case of schizophrenia and implication for other psychoses. Abstract   PDF
Lucia Franco
No 78 (2020) The Causes of Sanity Abstract   PDF
Barry Richards
No 81-82 (2021) The Covid Crisis: “A Wake-up Call” to What? Abstract   PDF
David M. Black
No 72 (2018) The Dynamics of Political Humiliation and Resistance as Psychosocial Well-Being Abstract   PDF
Ryan LaMothe
No 73 (2018) The Educator as Neurotic: A Rankean Analysis of Impotent Teachers in Film Abstract   PDF
Daniel Sullivan
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