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No 73 (2018) Editors Lair 3 Abstract   PDF
Kurt Jacobsen Robert Young
No 74 (2018) Editors Lair 4 Abstract   PDF
K. Jacobsen R. M. Young
No 75 (2019) Editors Lair 5 Abstract   PDF
Kurt Jacobsen, Robert M. Young
No 77 (2019) Editors Lair 7 Abstract   PDF
Kurt Jacobsen David Morgan
No 79 (2020) Editors Lair 9 Abstract   PDF
Kurt Jacobsen and David Morgan
No 80 (2020) Editors' Lair 10 Abstract   PDF
Kurt Jacobsen and David Morgan
No 72 (2018) Editors' Lair 2 Abstract   PDF
Kurt Jacobsen and Robert M. Young
No 78 (2020) Editors' Lair 8 Abstract   PDF
Kurt Jacobsen and David Morgan
No 73 (2018) Ekphrasis and Psyche: Symbols Spoken From The Deep Abstract   PDF
Thomas Christian, Ron Kimbell
No 80 (2020) Emancipation and the Ungovernable Self: Psychoanalytic Therapy and Agamben’s Inoperativity Abstract   PDF
Ryan LaMothe
No 75 (2019) Empty Space: Creativity, Femininity, Reparation, Justice Abstract   PDF
Carolyn Laubender
No 67 (2015) Envy, Guilt, Symbolic Reparation and Images of Whiteness in Hollywood Sport Themed Films Abstract   PDF
Marcus Free
No 73 (2018) Erich Fromm and Contemporary American Politics Abstract   PDF
George N. Lundskow, Lauren Langman
No 64 (2013) Exploring Some Vicissitudes of Feminine Sexuality : Including Excess Sexuality Abstract   PDF
Nicola Ann Diamond, Nicola Ann Diamond
Robert Maxwell Young
No 63 (2012) Freud, Psychoanalysis and Politics or The Trouble with Civilization Abstract   PDF
Patricia Morris
No 70 (2017) Freud's Cognitive Style: It's a Surprise Abstract   PDF
Charles A. Peterson, Sally N. Phillips
No 62 (2011) From ‘The Freud Squad’ to ‘The Good Freud Guide’: A Genealogy of Media Images of Psychoanalysis and reflections on their role in the public imagination Abstract   PDF
Caroline Bainbridge
No 78 (2020) From ‘Cultural Revolution’ to the Weariness of the Self: New Struggles for Recognition Abstract   PDF
Carla Penna
No 71 (2017) Fundamentalism and Terrorism Abstract   PDF
Robert M. Young
No 78 (2020) Going Viral: A Coronavirus Diary Abstract   PDF
Michael Chanan
No 70 (2017) Gok Wan 'on the couch': Psychoanalytic perspectives on programme strategies and personal experience in How to Look Good Naked Abstract   PDF
Theodora Thomadaki
No 79 (2020) Guiding Analysis by the Analyst's Associations and Self-Analysis Abstract   PDF
Saul Haimovich
No 78 (2020) Hobbits on the Wall: The ‘Frodo Lives!’ Campaign as Psychosocial Symbol Abstract   PDF
Alexander Sergeant
No 64 (2013) "How Far can I Make my Fingers Stretch?": A Response to Vivian Sobchack's "What my Fingers Knew"? from A Depth-Hermeneutic Perspective Abstract   PDF
Steffen Krueger
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