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MacRury, Iain
Mactaggart, Allister (United Kingdom)
Malone, Kareen Ror, University of West Georgia (United States)
McCormack, Peter, PhD student, University of Bedfordshire (United Kingdom)
McLaughlin, Neil (Canada)
McLaughlin, Neil, McMaster University (Canada)
McNeil, Maureen, Professor Emerita affiliated with the Sociology Department, Lancaster University. (United Kingdom)
Melmed, Michael, Clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University (United States)
Michael Shoshani, Gila Ofer, Batya Shoshani, and (Israel)
Migliavacca, Eva Maria, Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of São Paulo; Full Professor of the Institute of Psychology of the Paulo University (Brazil)
Miller, Christopher William Teixeira, University of Maryland School of Medicine (United States)
Miller, Christopher W. T., University of Maryland
Miller, Christopher William Teixeira (United States)
Mitchell, Juliet
Morelock, Jeremiah, Doctoral candidate at Boston College, and the director of the Critical Theory Research Network. (United States)
Morgan, David (United Kingdom)
Morris, Bethany (United States)
Morris, Bethany A.
Morris, Patricia (United Kingdom)

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