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Lebeau, Vicky
Leipacher, Mark
Lennon-Patience, Siobhan
Lennon-Patience, Siobhan, University of East London (United Kingdom)
Lu, Kevin, University of Essex
Lundskow, George N., Grand Valley State University (United States)


MacRury, Iain
Malone, Kareen Ror, University of West Georgia (United States)
McLaughlin, Neil, McMaster University (Canada)
Migliavacca, Eva Maria, Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of São Paulo; Full Professor of the Institute of Psychology of the Paulo University (Brazil)
Miller, Christopher W. T., University of Maryland
Miller, Christopher William Teixeira, University of Maryland School of Medicine (United States)
Mitchell, Juliet
Morris, Bethany A.
Morris, Patricia (United Kingdom)


O'Gwin, Chase, Northwest Missouri State University (United States)
Ortega Breton, Hugh, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)


Perry, Grayson
Peterson, Charles A.
Phillips, Sally N.
Piven, Jerry, Director, Centre for Philosophy and Psychoanalysis Department of Philosophy Cape Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio USA
Powell, Helen, Managing Editor Free Associations: Psychoanalysis and Culture, Media, Groups, Politics (United Kingdom)


Ratigan, Bernard (United Kingdom)
Richards, Barry, Professor of Public Communication, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth UK (United Kingdom)
Richards, Barry

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