Psychoanalytic Musings on the Dynamics of Greed and Its Containment: A Perspective from India

Parul Bansal


Greed is a complex human experience. It is damned as well as sanctified. It has productive and destructive aspects. It has both psychological and social origins. The paper addresses these complexities. It raises and responds to questions such as, How do we understand the dynamics of greed? What is the difference between greed as enlivening and greed as destructive? What is the psychic significance of money and wealth? How do the intrapsychic and outer forces join to fan greed? The paper illustrates these concerns through an interweaving of two case studies and ideas drawn from Winnicott, Klein, Fenichel, Ferenczi and Salman Akhtar. It also makes an effort to explicate the directions in which psychological processes and social institutions can encourage self interest while containing greed in an unevenly developing country such as India.


Anality, containment, envy, greed, gratitude, jealousy, money

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