Psychoanalysis, Values, and Webs of Power

Psychoanalysis, Values and Webs of Power investigates tensions between professional norms and civic obligations, between ‘value neutrality” in clinical practice and the reasoned embrace of social values, between personal ethical stances and the demands of the institutional and cultural milieus we inhabit. Psychoanalysis, in its many forms, can aid us in navigating, or at least illuminating, these vexing and often unrecognized influences, yet at the same time, psychoanalysts themselves must operate within those webs of power, be they cultural, social, institutional, or political. What values matter, or should matter, in psychoanalysis?  How can one preserve a degree of meaningful autonomy in institutional settings? When do values interfere with analytical work with clients or in scholarly enterprises?

Psychoanalysis, Values and Webs of Power includes an extraordinary line-up of speakers and panelists, with psychoanalysts, historians, philosophers and cultural theorists coming together to debate these crucial issues.

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